Frozen Pipes: Tips on How to Avoid Them

The weather is getting cold and it’s time to think about preventing frozen pipes.  Pipes along outside walls with little or no insulation, outside hose bibs, swimming pool line and water sprinkler lines are all subject to freezing.  The problem isn’t just the...

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How to Winterize Your Home

Do you own a home in Prescott and prefer to spend your summers here? You are not alone, the temperatures are mild here, and scenery is full of pine trees. Although the Prescott area does not have the subzero temperatures of Northern United States, many people still do...

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Quality Plumbing Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone needs a plumber now and again, but no one wants to break the bank for just a simple fix. That’s where we come in. Introducing Affordable Plumbing Solutions, Prescott’s premier plumbers that don’t break the bank. We provide the highest tier of quality plumbing...

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